From social work to interior design

by Maddie Osterink


Grandville High School senior Ariel Merrill plans on attending GRCC for 2 years after high school for interior design. Her track to that decision was not what you might think. 

“I wanted to be a social worker but decided on switching. I realized that you had to be strong and not break down easily, and I couldn’t deal with all the emotions because I’m such a loving person,” Merrill said. “A social worker is a really hard field to go into because you’re dealing with children and others who have super hard lives. Some of them may or are being abused and abandoned and that’s something you have to be strong through and support them.”

Ariel, knowing these challenges, switched to be an interior designer because it would be fun and would make a decent amount of money.

Many seniors and juniors have been stressing about what they want to go to college for and where they want to go. Many other seniors already plan on going to GRCC for two years to get their basic credits and then go to the college that they really want to.

Advice From Seniors

by Megan Harrington

High school is time that you will remember forever, you can never get this time back so make the most of it while it’s still here. Three seniors shared what high school was like for them and gave their best advice to underclassmen.

Senior Brad Sanders has been a part of the boys basketball teams throughout his entire high school career. He shares a vivid memory.

“Last year when we played Hudsonville at home in front of a packed crowd, I hit the 2 game clinching free throws and the crowd went crazy.”

Although sport has been a huge part of his life, Brad said, “I wish I would have taken my classes more seriously as an underclassmen because in the long run they mean a lot.”

One thing that he thinks all underclassmen should know is,“to not be afraid to just be yourself, to not care about what others think about you and just be you…”

One thing to not miss out on are the dances that the school puts on, Emily Anglim said.

“Senior homecoming was the best yet. I thought the music was the best and it’s the dance I’ve had the most fun at!”

One thing that Emily wished she would have done differently was, “I wish I would’ve been more involved in school clubs or exec board and student council. I was too scared to join and I feel like it would’ve added to the ‘high school experience’ if I was involved on one of those boards.”

Emily’s best advice to underclassmen is, “Appreciate your parents because after high school you most likely won’t be seeing them everyday and you never know when they’ll be gone, so appreciate them while you can.”

Kaitlyn Orme has been involved in softball her whole life, one of her favorite high school memories was, “going to states last year for softball and being runner up.”

One thing she wish she would have done while in high school was, “to join more clubs.” Her best advice to underclassmen is, “Don’t stress so much about school and don’t wish high school away.”


Honoring Swim Seniors Hard Work and Dedication

by Alyssa Potyraj

Thursday, October 19 is senior night for the Grandville girls swim team. This will be the seniors’ last meet in their home pool- the pool they have been competing in since they were young.

The seniors will be recognized for their years of hard work and dedication before the meet starts.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Senior Julia Veenkamp said she started swimming when she was just 6 years old because her dad offered her 5 dollars to join the swim team. 11 years later, and now a senior in high school, she is still swimming.

One of Julia’s favorite swim memories was during her junior year at the OK Red conference meet. On the second day at conference finals, the coach (Matt) came up to her before the big 500 race of 20 laps. He told her she needed to race the two girls next to her, both rivals from Hudsonville. During the first 18 laps Julia fought through the pain to stay neck and neck with the two girls, but during the last two laps she overcame the pain and remembered what Matt told her about racing. She used the knowledge she learned through her many years of swimming to pass both girls and beat them to the wall. Julia was overcome with joy when she looked up at the scoreboard to see that she not only beat one of her rivals, but she beat both of them.

Although swim is physically and mentally draining, the happy moments and achievements make it all worth it.

Julia said she enjoys the thrill of racing, but she also enjoys the bonds made with the team and all of the funny memories she has made over the years. She remembers one time that coach Matt dressed up in a children’s Thomas the Train Halloween costume. In response, senior Rachel Otte made a mask of the coaches face and wore it to practice in hopes of scaring the coach during the week of Halloween.

Coach Matt has been the five seniors’ swim coach since they were in 7th grade. He has seen them grow not only as swimmers, but also into mature young ladies.

Coach Matt highlighted the seniors’ leadership

“I remember talking to this class at the start of the year and saying ‘this 2017 season can go two routes with your leadership. It can be a great season or it can be one of the best seasons to date for the Grandville swim and dive team,'” Coach Matt said. “They owned this statement and are making not only me, but the entire community proud.”

The seniors led the team with ease by getting everyone ready for meets, pumping them up, and showing the underclassmen the ropes of high school swim. They know when to lighten the mood and have fun, but they also know when it is time to be serious, put their best effort forward, and ulitimatly lead by example.

Junior Carolyn Peterson said “I will miss having the girls around who I grew up with. We have been together for so long; we are more like a family, and I will miss that.”

The senior class of 2018 will be missed. Come out and support them Thursday, October 19, at 6 p.m. at their last home meet!

Philo, seniors talk new graduation gowns

by Alyssa Potyraj

Grandville High School has decided to mix up the tradition of white gowns for girls and and maroon gowns for guys to all the same gown for everyone.

There has been research about switching to all one gown. Principle Philo talked with multiple high schools and colleges who all have single color gowns. The other schools that have recently changed, such as Holland last year, have enjoyed the change and said it was one of the best decisions they have made.

Principle Philo said one of the main reasons that we switched was to “unify the school all as bulldogs.”

This new change has brought up some dispute amongst the senior class. Senior Julia Veenkamp thought that the only reason Grandville switched to the new gowns was because they were “less expensive and uglier” but she does like that the girls don’t have to wear white anymore because “everyone knows Grandville as maroon not white.”

Principle Philo realized that this change would create controversy among the senior class but he is confident that the “new tradition of unity outweighs the students not liking it.”

Many students don’t know that administration talked with former students about the change, and many thought it would be a good idea. Many female students have had difficulty finding a white dress or are unable to purchase a new dress due to financial circumstances. Although some students may still wear a white dress, this change would remove the burden because it would not be necessary because the gown is not at all see-through.


The new gown hangs in Principal Philo’s office. Any student who wants to take a closer look is welcome to stop in.


The new gowns are a thicker, high quality fabric making it nearly impossible to see through the white stripes. When choosing the new gowns, administration brought in students from student council to help make an informed decision. Even though they took input of what students had to say, the decision of one color gowns was already made up.

Isabella Moayer stated “I always envisioned myself graduating in a white gown”.

Two separate gowns has been the tradition for a long time, and many students are still uncertain about the new unified gown.

Not every student dislikes the new gown idea. Noah Elders said “I could care less, it’s like that in college.”

Tradition changes are often rough at first and it takes time to accept and embrace change.

Principle Philo ensures, “I am confident it is the right decision long term.”

Seniors Top Three Choices for Lunch

Seniors are the only students who are allowed to leave GHS campus for lunch. Here are their top three choices.


“It’s fast and cheap,” Matt Anderson said.


“I like their fries and it’s right across the street so I can always get back on time,” Alyssa Perez said. 


“Everything’s better when it’s free,” Olivia K. said. “And you can make whatever you want.”

Music genres by class and artist recommendations

by Miggy Guzman

Music is everywhere we walk.

It is in the hallways.

It is in the classroom.

It is a part of us in this generation. Living in this generation where there are so many genres of music, we get stuck listening to what we always listen to daily. Here is what some of your peers and classmates grades are listening to.

Freshman Class

The freshman class is fresh and new to high school. They bring new ideas and new music, but Robert Keen, Isaac burns, Conner Kelly and Kyle Henning like to bring it back old school. They listen to metal and classic rock like the great rock bands Nirvana and Motorhead but they also listen to some new music like Kendrick Lamar.

Sophomore Class 

Knowing the school pretty well by now, sophomores Sam Brooks, Cierra Roberts, Zane Peltier, and Elise Misner are more into hip hop, country, and pop. They are listening to the to singers and bands like 21 pilots, Florida Georgia Line, and Luke Brain.

Junior Class

More experienced students at this school are juniors like Kadden Russell, Devin Zwiers, Caleb Price and Erik Acevedo who are more into what today’s up and coming rappers have to say. The likes of Lil Pump, XXXTENTACION, and $ucide Boy$ are rappers coming up from the underground scene.

Senior Class

During their last four years of listening to music in high school and going through music trends as they change, Seniors Talin Dudley, Cameron Ranta, and Christian Ruff  listen to all types of music from ultimate rock to hip hop and pop. They listen to bands like Hollywood Undead, Lincoln Park and 90’s alternative rock bands. These seniors also listen to EDM artists like Mashmello and rappers like NF and Kaydo.

Walking down the halls we see different faces all the time. One thing we all have in common is music. We may not listen to the same artist, but we share a love of the same genres in music.

All students need to be open to listen to new music and explore new options.