Dreams- A mini series preview

by Christian Lubbers

I don’t typically do summaries on people’s lives due to the fact that nobody is the same. However, people do share some qualities and similarities such as having goals that they longed for their whole life. I interviewed three people in total and asked roughly the same questions about the beginning of their lives and how they ended up where they are now.

My first person I interviewed was Mike from Lowe’s; he did everything he could to achieve his dream but fell short with the timing of his first born child. The second person I interviewed was Alyssa from PetSmart; she did not make strong attempts to become what she wanted because an insecurity crushed her dream at the very beginning of her life. Finally the last person I interviewed was Curtis from OfficeMax; he started with his dream but when the going got tough he moved on with his life.

If we have your attention, stay tuned for more details on Mike, Alyssa and Curtis.