7 a.m. Never Felt So Good

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by Simone Krabbe

As you walk in the room you see the desks, chairs and the stale white walls. The bulldog posters hanging in every corner and the book filled shelves. It looks like an ordinary classroom, except every Wednesday morning at 7 a.m., this classroom is turned into a workout place. Two GHS students, Alex Morales and Celesta Van Wyk, decided to create a yoga club this year, and it has been a success so far. The only thing you need to bring is your own mat and a good morning attitude!

Yoga can be traced back to around 5000 years ago when the indus sarasvati civilization first starting exercising yoga, and now we continue to exercise yoga here at Grandville. However, the yoga we do today has changed a little bit since then. Unlike 5000 years ago where technology didn’t exist, it does today and we use it for almost everything, including for yoga.

“We have a team stretch for like 5 to 10 minutes, where usually I lead it, where we all just count together,” said co-founder Morales. “Then we watch the video of the yoga lesson.” image

The use of video for yoga has apparently also made for some good laughs, as the yoga director in the video makes some funny but awkward comments when showing the poses. As Ariana Star a member of yoga club confirms:

“The person we watch makes really weird comments sometimes and we just kind of look at each other and laugh,” club member Ariana Star said.

Currently the yoga club is doing a 30 day yoga challenge where they watch the YouTuber Yoga With Adriene” and her thirty minute long videos.

Instead of doing a video a day they watch one once a week over the course of 30 weeks. They are currently on episode 10 meaning they have been doing the challenge for the past 10 weeks and they only have 20 more to go.

A lot of people find it embarrassing or nerve racking having to try to do yoga for the first time in front of classmates and friends, but co-founder Van Wyk reassures fellow students that it is a open and welcoming space.

“It’s a good environment and a good way to start your mornings,” Van Wyk said. “It’s really relaxing.”

Not only is yoga a good way to start your morning it also has multiple health benefits. In yoga one of the main things that is focused on is breathing and meditation. Yoga focuses on the body getting to a state of relaxation.

“ I makes mornings a lot easier because you’re finally wide awake and you feel more relaxed and it helps decrease the stress that you have,” Morales said. “So for me I like it because it relaxes my body and my mind.”

Hopefully after having read this article you are interested in learning more about yoga and experiencing the relaxing sensation that yoga is. If this is the case you should try stopping by room 117 every Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. where I am positive you will be welcomed with open arms.

Leaders in women’s athletics seek change

by Chloe Deckrow

The goal of the Women’s Athletic Leadership Club at Grandville high school is to bring more awareness to female athletics and female issues. There tends to be a big concern that female athletes don’t get the same treatment, all the props, and the fans as do boys sports.

Club co-advisor Mrs. Peterson said, “It has everything to do with the inequities of boys sports verses girl sports.”

She went on to say it’s not just Grandville High school, it’s the society and culture that girls sports are not as valued as boys sports. Girls are just as guilty of not giving the support to girl’s sports, too.

Woman athlete and club member Kaitlyn Orme started her career in the sports world young.

“I’ve always wanted to play softball and my parents kind of pushed me into it, so I started T-ball and instantly fell in love with the sport,” Orme said. “I started playing basketball through one of my friends who convinced me to play and loved that sport also.” Orme is also now committed to play softball at Ferris State University. Kaitlyn felt like the WALC was a perfect fit for her because of her passion for sports.

Girls in the club are going to girl’s event and bringing slips provided by the club that they fill out and give feedback on how they felt about the sport and what they liked that they saw during the game. These slips are then given to the coaches of the sport and they read it to the team. null

According to Mrs. Peterson they have gotten really good responses from the teams that they have done it with so far.

The club is also not only just focusing on the women athletes but also on women rights and issues in general.

Something they plan to do is make some kind of drive for women who are out on the streets going through the hardships of having to deal with their menstrual cycles and not being able to afford things like tampons and pads . They’re still working on the details, but they think it is gonna be after the holidays where everyone in the club brings money or pads that they will then donate.

Julia Veenkamp says, “Yes, you have to be an athlete and a girl to join the club but you don’t have to be involved with specifically Grandville sports,” and Emily Anglim said, “ It is not too late to join!”



eSports at GHS

by Levi Houtman

eSports is a form of competition that is brought through video games. Players go head-to-head in team games or sometimes solo matches versus another competitor. eSports takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions. The games that are typically played in eSports vary between a wide range of game genres. Tournaments are held throughout the world and are live streamed on websites and sometimes even TV. eSports brings together gamers throughout the world into something that they all love doing, which is playing video games.

Recently Grandville has adopted an eSports club into the school district. Students introduced the idea of having an eSports club to the high school a few years ago. It was approved and the club has been expanding ever since. Matt Djomoah, who helped create the club and has been a member ever since, was able to answer a few questions about the club.

Q: What is the main reason for why you started an eSports club here in Grandville?

“To bring together people who love video games and provide a competitive yet safe environment to play said video games.”

Q: What is the atmosphere like at an average day here in eSports?

“Funny, joking, and usually pretty competitive when the games start get going.”

Q: What types of games do you play? 

“We play everything from MOBAs, to Fighting Games, to FPS and everything in between.”

Q: What are your hopes for the future of eSports?

“To leave the club in capable hands and to see actually competitive teams go to tournaments. We would like the club to actually go and be an ‘eSports team.’”

Q: How has eSports changed here from the first meeting to the last? 

“It’s definitely changed on a maturity level and the leaders as well as the level of organization.”


The club hopes to be able to expand at a rate in which Grandville teams could be present at tournaments. New students who are interested in joining are encouraged to go to the meetings. They are still able to join later in as the school year progresses.