Do you get enough sleep to perform at your best?

by Pat Clark

Whether it be working out, playing in athletic events, or sitting in a desk for 8 hours at school, one things is for sure: sleep is important. The amount of sleep you get dramatically affects your day performance, or does it?

Why do most experts say sleep is important to perform at your best? Well according to the national sleep foundation during the day when you exercise it depletes energy fluids and break down muscles. What most people do to recover is hydration and eating right. Sleep is way under looked.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, deprivation increases the chances of fatigue, low energy and poor focus at gametime.   The National Sleep Foundation also has recommended amount of sleep based on your age. 


I asked students and athletes whether they thought it affected them and coaches to see if they could see a difference. Then science has its own opinions but does that apply to everyone. According to Sophomore Blake Davis it does.

“From personal experience when I don’t get enough sleep I can’t function right especially during any athletic event,” Davis said. “I have less energy.”

Another study from said that basketball players who get an extra 2 hours of sleep before game day have increased speed of 5% and their accuracy by 9% which can dramatically affect how the play during the game.

But for some, sleep doesn’t seem to affect their game. Just ask senior hockey player Erik Sitar.

“Normally I don’t get a lot of sleep and I think my body has just adapted to it,’ Sitar said. “’cause I feel like I always have plenty of energy during games and practice.”

If you have trouble sleeping the night before a big game try taking a nap before the game. According to a Stanford Medicine article,  “everyone in the league office knows not to call players at 3 p.m…It’s the player nap.” 

Want some more tips from pros? 



50th Anniversary Review of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

by Nevin Hooper

Over Spring Break on the certain date of April 3rd was the 50th anniversary of by far one of the greatest films in cinematic history. This is master Stanley Kubrick’s greatest achievement, only surpassed by The Shining (that’s just my opinion though, because The Shining is another cinematic masterpiece). This film is one of the most- if not the most- Continue reading →

Is Baseball Dying?

by Mitchell Karcher

Once America’s pastime, baseball was a powerhouse other sports could barely compete with.  However, since its prime during the 1970’s-1980’s, baseball has been steadily losing steam. Once wheeling in about 80,000 viewers per game the viewer ship has since decreased to about 30,000 per game, raising the question is baseball dying, and why?

Attendance can be attributed to to various factors such as interest. As varsity baseball player Keaton Hamilton was quick to point out, “I don’t know if baseball is actually dying. If there is less attendance, like you said, it could be attributed to loss in interest for current players.”

If baseball is not dying, there is no debating the fact that baseball is not as popular today as other sports. With the last seven World Series being the least watched (with exception to the 2016 series), other sports have surpassed far in popularity among younger generations.

A poll given in 2000 stated that roughly 8.8 million American kids were involved in baseball, however in 2013 that number plunged down to roughly 5.3 million kids.

So why has baseball lost its cool?

Baseball being a slower sport compared to football and basketball has a huge impact, and in a generation with such a fast paced society such as ours today, it’s no wonder that the majority of baseball fans nowadays are 40 years and older.

Wanting to know what more of the current generation, multiple students around GHS were asked about what they thought about the sport. When asked what she thought about the statement “baseball is dying,” Paige Gkekas said “I don’t doubt that claim. Baseball, I have always thought was very slow, and I never had a great interest for it.”

Though the counter argument can be made that baseball is still thriving. It is financially at its peak, with the league making 7 billion dollars. This can be largely attributed to inflation rates and effective commercial advertising. With constant change in a fast paced world, the question that now stands is “will baseball ever return to its peak, or will baseball eventually die out?”



Are you SAT ready?

by Emily Sarjeant

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, also known as the SAT, is a nationwide standardized test that all 11th grade students across the U.S. are required to take.

Just about all the students here at GHS have been getting ready to tackle this test that is fast approaching right after spring break, on April 10. From taking practice tests on Khan Academy, to attending the SAT Prep classes that are offered here, many 11th graders are in SAT mode.

Emily Salliotte, who is now a senior, has a few pieces of advice to all the juniors taking the SAT this year.

“It is so so so important to prepare just a little bit each day on Khan Academy” Salliotte said. “Doing a little each day will make a huge difference.”

Senior Cooper Pratt also had a few things to add.

“Get a good night’s rest so you feel motivated in the morning. Eat a good breakfast and stay hydrated,” Pratt suggested.

No matter how nervous or worried you are about taking the test, eating a good breakfast and getting enough sleep the night before in order to feel prepared in the morning can make a huge difference.

“I think every student should know that even if you don’t know the correct answer to a question on the test, you should still make an educated guess because wrong answers do not count against you,” Pratt added.

Although only the juniors take the SAT, there have been some 10th graders who have started to prepare for it as well.

Sophomore Rachel Millett said she has been looking into what she has to do to prepare for this test, despite the fact that she will be taking it over a year from now.

“I have taken the PSAT every year since eighth grade, so I kind of already have a feel for what it’s going to be like. Every year I take my scores into account and use them to refer to when I practice on Khan Academy during seminar,” Millett said. “The PSAT is super helpful and so is Khan Academy. I think I will be very prepared to take it next year.”





Level One: Background

BRANDON: I have a serious confession here: you’d think that a self-proclaimed film critic would have seen more Spielberg films in theaters, but the tragic truth is that I haven’t seen a Spielberg movie since 2008, thanks to the infamous Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. But I decided late was better than never, so I hopped into the theater for Ready Player One, preparing to get my mind blown thanks to the masterful director’s talent, the original world crafted by nerd culture legend Ernest Cline, and the much-awaited return of the Iron Giant. So, how was the film overall? Well…

Level Two: Plot
This film takes place in a world overrun by corporations and overpopulation; the world sucks, so the only way most people can manage their lives is by entering the Oasis. The creator of which has died years ago, leaving behind an Easter Egg. This Easter Egg, when discovered, will grant the finder possession of the Oasis, trillions of dollars, and the world’s favorite hobby. When the youthful Wyatt Watts finds it, he finds himself on a quest for the way his world lives.

Level Three: Positives

This movie looks Incredible. It felt great enough seeing beloved characters introduced into a dystopian classic for this era, but when they look like the entirety of Pixar worked on every single character. And the main characters are likeable too, feeling like they’re ordinary people escaping into this wonderful world. And the action: where else can you watch the Iron Giant fighting a giant Star Wars lookalike mech, while all of the Ninja Turtles aid the Halo crew with taking out a dystopian army, with that not even being the most of the focus?

+10 points

Level Four: Negatives

The film has a problem; for its focus on the importance of reality along with fantasy, the reality part is rather dull. Maybe anything feels dull when it’s being measured against King Kong chasing the DeLorean, but it still felt like an afterthought. And the villains were extremely one dimensional too; we get it! Corporations can be evil; just watch the news. Give them some form of watchability, and we’ll be fine.


Final Boss: OVERALL

Ready Player One may be far from perfect, but it still is a marvel to watch on the big screen. It was a celebration of nerd culture showing the things we love and why we love them perfectly. However, the many breaks from the wonderful world of the Oasis felt rather dull, and the villains were just groan-worthy to sit through.


8.9/10 (B+)