“Every Step I’m Running is a Fight”

by Jess Wolfe, Maddie Osterink, and Amaya Berkley

With an optimistic approach, Steven Faulk tells his story of his battle against Parkinson’s Disease. The average person has heard of Parkinson’s, but most people don’t understand the extent of this disease. Listen to Faulk, Grandville High School Human Biology Teacher Mrs. Reiger, and GVSU professor and Parkinson’s Researcher Dr. Merritt Taylor, who all discuss Parkinson’s and the strides taken in research towards finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

Dreams Series #2- Alyssa

by Christian Lubbers

Fast Facts:

Age: 22

Childhood dream: Model

Current occupation: Cashier for PetSmart.

“When I was little I always wanted to become a model, however I looked in the mirror one day and seen a mole on my face. After that I decided it was impossible to become a model, so I quit my dream. Later in my life I noticed my mother was acting stranger and stranger every year, but in reality I was just realizing that my mom was legally psychotic, so my dad finally got a divorce and now they live separately from each other. Three years later I then decided to move in with my boyfriend over here in Grandville. I applied to multiple jobs around the area, and PetSmart was the first to respond. I only started working here three weeks ago, but I feel that I’m going to be here much longer!”

Students express back to school thoughts

by Taylor Cowdin

From excitement to dread, students express their emotions has they settle into a new school year.

“I dread school and everything about it. It just makes me feel, well, stressed and tired.”

Senior Brady Olson


“I actually like school because this way I can see my friends every day and get myself onto a schedule.”

Junior Kaela Tucker


“It’s interesting. I can see how school is helpful but I can also see how it’s a waste of time. People have literally told me they haven’t used skills they were taught in school since they left school. I don’t know. I guess I’ll see later in life.”

Sophomore Emily Terrell


“I love school! It’s nice seeing all my friends and being able to learn new things that are for most of the time interesting!”

Junior Jake Fontaine