Double Decker Movie Reviews: Jumanji and The Greatest Showman

By Brandon Matzke and Nevin Hooper

Hello there! It is I, Brandon, here with a new concept for film reviews (at least in this school blog): double decker movie reviews. See, Nevin and I had both seen movies that are currently in theaters: Nevin saw The Greatest Showman and I saw Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. And to prevent us wasting too much of your time, here’s our thoughts on the films in one article. Ready? Let’s go!

The Greatest Showman

by Nevin Hooper

I saw it. The Greatest Showman. I was Continue reading →

Students express back to school thoughts

by Taylor Cowdin

From excitement to dread, students express their emotions has they settle into a new school year.

“I dread school and everything about it. It just makes me feel, well, stressed and tired.”

Senior Brady Olson


“I actually like school because this way I can see my friends every day and get myself onto a schedule.”

Junior Kaela Tucker


“It’s interesting. I can see how school is helpful but I can also see how it’s a waste of time. People have literally told me they haven’t used skills they were taught in school since they left school. I don’t know. I guess I’ll see later in life.”

Sophomore Emily Terrell


“I love school! It’s nice seeing all my friends and being able to learn new things that are for most of the time interesting!”

Junior Jake Fontaine