Sustainable living- save the environment, your money, your health

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by Jess Wolfe, Sophie Kaminski, Morgan Corey, Lindsey Kamppinen, Emily Podsiadlik, Hannah Garrison, Bryce Gable, Josh Lawrence, and Christian Lubbers

“From my home alone I have prevented 118.9 pounds of food waste from going into a landfill,” Carolyn Peterson said.

It positively impacts the environment. There is no need for worms. It saves you money. You can improve your health. It’s easy and convenient.

“I thought it could be very sustainable and more of a long-term project.”

Carolyn Peterson took on home composting as a method for solving an environmental issue after being inspired by an independent research project in her Environmental Science Class. Continue reading →

Students seek solution to tree removal

by Maddie Osterink, Jake Fontaine, Justin Irish, Shane Armstrong, Simone Krabbe, Becca Larsen, Jake Pommer, Ethan Rycenga, and Emily Sarjeant

In the Spring of 2017, an executive decision was made to remove a total of 12 trees–six from the front entrance and six from the back entrance–from Grandville High School.


“The main reason [for the removal of the trees] was due to their height and how close they were planted to the school,” revealed John Philo, Grandville High School’s principal. “They were getting too big, some of the branches were even brushing against the school.”

Philo also explained danger of the trees.

“If a windstorm were to come and knock over the trees, they were so close to the school that they could easily hit it,” said Philo. “And they were so large that they could cause serious damage–being hazardous to the school and all those inside.”

Other reasons the trees needed to be removed include: Continue reading →

Are you SAT ready?

by Emily Sarjeant

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, also known as the SAT, is a nationwide standardized test that all 11th grade students across the U.S. are required to take.

Just about all the students here at GHS have been getting ready to tackle this test that is fast approaching right after spring break, on April 10. From taking practice tests on Khan Academy, to attending the SAT Prep classes that are offered here, many 11th graders are in SAT mode.

Emily Salliotte, who is now a senior, has a few pieces of advice to all the juniors taking the SAT this year.

“It is so so so important to prepare just a little bit each day on Khan Academy” Salliotte said. “Doing a little each day will make a huge difference.”

Senior Cooper Pratt also had a few things to add.

“Get a good night’s rest so you feel motivated in the morning. Eat a good breakfast and stay hydrated,” Pratt suggested.

No matter how nervous or worried you are about taking the test, eating a good breakfast and getting enough sleep the night before in order to feel prepared in the morning can make a huge difference.

“I think every student should know that even if you don’t know the correct answer to a question on the test, you should still make an educated guess because wrong answers do not count against you,” Pratt added.

Although only the juniors take the SAT, there have been some 10th graders who have started to prepare for it as well.

Sophomore Rachel Millett said she has been looking into what she has to do to prepare for this test, despite the fact that she will be taking it over a year from now.

“I have taken the PSAT every year since eighth grade, so I kind of already have a feel for what it’s going to be like. Every year I take my scores into account and use them to refer to when I practice on Khan Academy during seminar,” Millett said. “The PSAT is super helpful and so is Khan Academy. I think I will be very prepared to take it next year.”

Humans of GHS

taylor 008.JPGby Miguel Guzman

Mr. Lubbers

Q: What is one of your favorite memories with your parents?

A: “Vacations. My dad was a teacher and he took us out west and out east, and long camping vacations in the summertime, so like for a month. That was awesome.”

Q: What was your favorite place/city you visited?

A: “They took us to the Bahamas when my brothers and I were in highschool, and we drove to Florida, but then flew over to the Bahamas in one of those little boat planes that lands in the harbor.”

taylor 012.JPG

Israel Morales

Q: What is one the craziest moments in your life?”

A: “One of the craziest moments is when I moved to Mexico. I completely left everything behind and started a brand new life in a brand new country. That was pretty crazy. Not a lot of people get to do that and then it’s more crazy when you get to come back to your old and start again. So it’s a fresh start, and I can’t complain. Both of them are really awesome.”

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Mr. Blevins

Q: What do you think the future is going to be like?

A: “I think that we’re going to be forced to go back to nature, a little more than we use to.”

Q: What is one of your favorite memories with your father?

“Fishing, stream fishing. We did it every year, once a month during the summer, until about five year ago when he couldn’t do it anymore.”

Q: What do you think life should be about?”

“Life should be about the connections you have with others and with yourself.”


Q: What is your favorite memory with your mother?

A: “It was this road trip that we took going to Idaho, ironically to go visit my aunt, and it was just fun. We ended up stopping in Chicago along the way, and it was just kind of nice being with her and my sister too, and it was just the three of us being able to connect and talk and go along and have fun.”

From social work to interior design

by Maddie Osterink


Grandville High School senior Ariel Merrill plans on attending GRCC for 2 years after high school for interior design. Her track to that decision was not what you might think. 

“I wanted to be a social worker but decided on switching. I realized that you had to be strong and not break down easily, and I couldn’t deal with all the emotions because I’m such a loving person,” Merrill said. “A social worker is a really hard field to go into because you’re dealing with children and others who have super hard lives. Some of them may or are being abused and abandoned and that’s something you have to be strong through and support them.”

Ariel, knowing these challenges, switched to be an interior designer because it would be fun and would make a decent amount of money.

Many seniors and juniors have been stressing about what they want to go to college for and where they want to go. Many other seniors already plan on going to GRCC for two years to get their basic credits and then go to the college that they really want to.