Mr. Blevins: More than the AV teacher

by Taylor Cowdin

The Audio-Visual program started 20 years ago. From that day on, many students from many different “cliques” have been affected by the class in a positive way. These impacts include being able to step outside your comfort zone, make new friends, and discover yourself through the art of filmmaking and editing.

In an interview with the man himself, Mr. Blevins, he discussed how this class has changed him as a person and teacher.

Because so much of the class requires one-on-one help with projects, I think AV has taught me that the relationships with students and others is the most important part of high school learning,” Mr. Blevins said. IMG_8902.jpg

Also agreeing with that statement is student Tori Francis.

“Being in the class has taught me to never be afraid to step out of my comfort zone and ask for help,” Francis said. “It really is so convenient being able to have such an open-minded teacher.”

Taking this class also means having to be able to handle all of the joking and laughs shared with everyone. Blevins has a goal each day to have at least one funny moment, or more, in each class.

“I try to make sure there is at least one funny moment every day,” Mr. Blevins said. “So I can’t pull one out from my memory as the funniest.”

Junior Jimmy Anglim recalled a moment when they all pulled a prank on a teacher observer.

“Mr. Lancto came in to observe Mr. B and so all of us students were told to slightly sneeze anytime we heard the word “fill.” It was funny because that day in class we watched a Youtube video about how to fill the spacing of a green screen with lights. It was the funniest day ever.”

Mr. Blevins has changed education and Grandville High School for the better. And that’s something students, staff, teachers, and administration agrees with.

Basketball back in action with new coach

by Taylor Cowdin

With basketball season right around the corner, it was decided that readers should know a little bit more about the up and coming girls varsity basketball team and their coach, Connor Hoke.

The Grandville girls basketball team has been working hard since the beginning of June. Their offseason started during the first weeks of summer. Hoke is looking forward to the team finally come together. After months of transitioning plays, players coming back from injury, and starting with a new coach, it’s time for them to prove themselves on the court.

“I’m excited to see us compete and keep improving. It’s time to change the culture around here!” Hoke said.

Coach Hoke explained one of the craziest/weirdest things that had ever happened to him during his time as a coach.

“First year of coaching, we were on the road and had six players on the court. I realized it and called a timeout, but here’s the catch. The other team had possession of the ball, but the officials granted me the timeout before realizing it wasn’t our ball. So, I quickly removed the 6th player from the court and we kept playing.”

Players are enjoying Coach Hoke’s sense of humor.

Senior Olivia Koetje said her favorite memory with Coach Hoke so far is  the time they were at a basketball game and senior Emily Podsiadlik fell on the court with no one elose to her. Olivia said her and coach laughed forever about the event.

“I love being able to joke around with coach no matter the situation,” junior Kaela Tucker said under a slight giggle. “We can always find the humor in stuff.”

Many girls on the team are excited for what’s to come. Whether it be team dinners, Friday night games or just bonding with everyone. Grandville’s on a comeback and they’re hungry for a W. The new coach has brought a new quote to Grandville and the basketball program.

“Do well today.” 

Students express back to school thoughts

by Taylor Cowdin

From excitement to dread, students express their emotions has they settle into a new school year.

“I dread school and everything about it. It just makes me feel, well, stressed and tired.”

Senior Brady Olson


“I actually like school because this way I can see my friends every day and get myself onto a schedule.”

Junior Kaela Tucker


“It’s interesting. I can see how school is helpful but I can also see how it’s a waste of time. People have literally told me they haven’t used skills they were taught in school since they left school. I don’t know. I guess I’ll see later in life.”

Sophomore Emily Terrell


“I love school! It’s nice seeing all my friends and being able to learn new things that are for most of the time interesting!”

Junior Jake Fontaine