Bowling coaches speak on the challenges of the job

by Levi Houtman

Every coach experiences the major amount of difficulties that they experience as the season continues on. Each coach needs to motivate, support, and provide for each of their players needs.

This is easier said than done. Different types of players introduce different obstacles coaches need to overcome to keep the team on track. Coaching takes time, practice, motivation, determination, and careful planning so no mistake is costly. People overlook the barriers that coaches go through, and typically blame them for everything a team does incorrectly.

I spoke with Mike Eaton, who currently coaches Davenport University’s DII bowling team, and had coached for Grandville’s Varsity bowling team for the past few years, to get his insight on the difficulties that coaches go through each year.

Q: What are some difficulties you go experience when preparing for an upcoming season?
“From previous years, you gain experience on what you can expect. Trying to predict what types of players will be on the team.”

Q: What are some ways you’re able to keep your players healthy throughout the season? 

“Not overworking them. Bowling isn’t the most physically demanding sport, but regardless of sport, having your guys healthy is very important.

Q: What do you do if they’re having trouble in school?

A:  “If one of my players is struggling in school, I’d have them focus on their schoolwork because it’ll get them farther in life.”

Q: What are some of the barriers that you experience as the season progresses and how do you continue on past them?
“Players motivation sometimes begins to go on a downfall. Trying to keep them motivated, and constantly having them improving their shot.”

Q: As the season continues how do you keep your players on track? Having a major goal in mind?

“Tell them the importance of what they’re currently doing and how it could help them on later in life. You’d be surprised what bowling can do for you.”

To get more in depth on what others think about the difficulties coaches go through when overseeing a team, I spoke with Christian Lubbers who was on Grandville’s bowling team for the 2016-2017 season to get his thoughts on coaches barriers.

Q: What do you think is the most challenging thing coaches go through?

“Keeping all of their players on track throughout the season. Having a large number of players that you have to keep watch on and knowing on what areas they can improve on seems difficult to me.”

Q: Do you think coaches or overlooked or underlooked?

“I believe that most people today don’t see the difficulties that they go through so under looked. They don’t see the difficulties that they go through in order to operate a large team.”

Marcus Igo: Student-Athlete Struggles

by Levi Houtman

Being a student-athlete is one of the most stressful yet rewarding things ever. The number of difficulties you face while attempting to maintain several different activities at once is overwhelming. Being apart of any sports team requires practice every school day of the week, additional training, game days, meeting with coaches and more.

Student-athletes have much more to prioritize than the average student. Not only do athletes have to attend their classes as well as practice, but they also have to try and maintain a social life, and sometimes even a job. I was able to sit down with Marcus Igo, a senior at Hudsonville high school, on how he manages his time wisely. He participates in cross country, the dive team, school plays, is active at his church and even manages to work roughly 20 hours every week while maintaining a 4.16 GPA. unnamed-2

A lot of students usually don’t work a job while participating in sports, due to not having the time to work or their schedule just doesn’t allow them to.

“I’ve learned to utilize time,” Igo said. “Most of the time at lunch or in between classes I do my homework.” By completing his homework at school he’s able to not be interrupted during sports or to worry about it after getting out of work.

“Managers and coaches are a really big factor when it comes to allowing me to have a flexible schedule to work around,”Igo said.

“That man is insane, his work effort and dedication to sports, work, and everything else he does is something I’ve never seen before,” Igo’s coworker and friend Matt Pietrzak said. “I can see why people would envy him.”

Igo’s grind doesn’t stop in the classroom, and even outside of it he is always putting in 100% effort and dedication to whatever task is at hand.

One of his managers Emilie Kurnat stated, “It’s really insane and it’s cool that he does that, because most people can’t. It’s something to be proud of.”

Igo shows others that if you are in a sport during high school, you don’t have to designate all of your time towards it. You are still able to maintain an insane GPA, work during school, and also be involved in your community.

Student, Parent Perspective on Girls Joining Boy Scouts

by Levi Houtman

Recently a popular subject that has sparked many controversial debates is the fact that girls have been given the chance to join Boy Scouts. The 107-year-old organization announced that younger girls will now be allowed to join Cub Scouts and girls that are older will be able to reach the rank of Eagle Scout.

The request for girls to be able to join Boy Scouts has been present for the past few years. According to an interview done by CNN on the Boy Scouts of America group, they said “the expansion is also aimed at helping busy families consolidate programs for their children.”

I went around and asked current Boy Scouts about their thoughts on the decision of having girls be allowed to join their ranks.

Current Boy Scouts Kelly and Mason Herb have been in the organization for a large chunk of their life. When asked about his thoughts on girls being able to join along with boys, Kelly stated “I think it’s a good thing that’ll hopefully restore some good in today’s society. Being able to have girls and boys to work along together is something that you don’t see often much. Hopefully this proves beneficial.”

Fellow Boy Scout, Mason, followed on his brother’s statement by saying “It’s a real controversial topic, I hope it pans out to be a good decision.”

Parents of current Boy and Girl Scouts have stated their opinions on the idea. Several have been severely angered from the decision, while others have praised it. Jude Herb, mother to both Kelly and Mason stated, “Some girls don’t want to join girl scouts because of the feminine reputation that it has. It often gets the stereotype that they just sell cookies, but the organization offers a lot more than just that. A lot of people don’t quite hear about what they accomplish, because they are often pushed behind what Boy Scouts accomplish. Having girls being offered the opportunity to join Boy Scouts and to be able to be more in the media or to be able to gain more recognition seems like something that would be highly sought after. I have two daughters that could go and join the same organization and be able to do the same things as what their older brothers do. To me it seems like something that is beneficial towards the Boy Scouts, and I hope for the best between the two groups.”

For parents, having the choice to send all their children to the same Scouting group is easier than if they had to send their children to two separate places due to genders. 

eSports at GHS

by Levi Houtman

eSports is a form of competition that is brought through video games. Players go head-to-head in team games or sometimes solo matches versus another competitor. eSports takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions. The games that are typically played in eSports vary between a wide range of game genres. Tournaments are held throughout the world and are live streamed on websites and sometimes even TV. eSports brings together gamers throughout the world into something that they all love doing, which is playing video games.

Recently Grandville has adopted an eSports club into the school district. Students introduced the idea of having an eSports club to the high school a few years ago. It was approved and the club has been expanding ever since. Matt Djomoah, who helped create the club and has been a member ever since, was able to answer a few questions about the club.

Q: What is the main reason for why you started an eSports club here in Grandville?

“To bring together people who love video games and provide a competitive yet safe environment to play said video games.”

Q: What is the atmosphere like at an average day here in eSports?

“Funny, joking, and usually pretty competitive when the games start get going.”

Q: What types of games do you play? 

“We play everything from MOBAs, to Fighting Games, to FPS and everything in between.”

Q: What are your hopes for the future of eSports?

“To leave the club in capable hands and to see actually competitive teams go to tournaments. We would like the club to actually go and be an ‘eSports team.’”

Q: How has eSports changed here from the first meeting to the last? 

“It’s definitely changed on a maturity level and the leaders as well as the level of organization.”


The club hopes to be able to expand at a rate in which Grandville teams could be present at tournaments. New students who are interested in joining are encouraged to go to the meetings. They are still able to join later in as the school year progresses.

Boys tennis noted and quoted

by Levi Houtman

The Bulldogs have gone (2-0) in the month of August, led by coaches Terry Blevins and Coach Snoap. With a large senior class up on varsity, the team is in good hands in terms of leadership. The teams hope to take this first part of September easy in preparation for the following weeks with matches and tournaments every few days.

With many returning players, and a strong class of new freshmen, the Bulldogs have a strong team from first singles to last doubles.

Team chemistry isn’t something to worry about. Over the past 3 years the JV team of players has only lost 1 match, going undefeated in the 2014-2015 season, and the 2016-2017 season. Having over 30 wins in the past three years, and only obtaining one loss, the Bulldogs are a force to be reckoned with.

I went around and asked some of the players on the teams what their thoughts are heading into the remainder of the season.

Q: What are your expectations heading into the rest of the season?

“Winning the remainder of our games, having a good personal season for myself, and destroying the rest of the teams in our way.”

– Jacob VanDoeselaar, Senior

Q: How do you feel about your team going into the rest of the season?

“I myself feel pretty confident, as a team I believe that we’re all going in with our heads high and believe we can finish strong.”

-Mason Herb, Freshman

Q: Do you think the team will be able to achieve another undefeated season?

We’ve been able to go undefeated my freshmen and junior year, I believe that we will be able have another perfect season.”

Kelly Herb, Senior

Q: Has anyone stood out to the point that it’s surprised you?

“All of the freshmen. They’ve surprised us all with what they’re capable of.”

Kelly Herb, Senior

The varsity team looks to complete another perfect season, continuing the tradition of having an undefeated season. Other schools are on the mission to stop the tradition and have the boys take a loss. Even though that’s their target, no one is going to go down easily without putting up a fight. The Dog’s are going against the Rockford Rams Monday, September 11.