Think Different, Think Chocolate Milk

By: Isaac Strock

High School students all over the world crave for more and more delicious food and snacks in school. Grandville High School is now giving their students the perfect opportunity to have a special treat of their own. The students of GHS who take a lifting class are now able to get chocolate milk after their lifting session. Many benefits are seen to come from offering this opportunity to the students. “Chocolate milk is a great source of protein in a way students enjoy, rather than them having protein shakes they might not like the taste of,” says Coach Tuscan, a strength coach at Grandville High. The chocolate milk provided has 8g of protein and 26g of carbs. Tuscan also said, “this is a great way to get an edge on other schools that don’t offer these types of things to their athletes.” Mason McPherson, a student at GHS, says, “The chocolate milk motivates me to continue lifting and to go to class.” The foods and service department provides the chocolate milk the same way they provide food for the cafeteria. This means the money to pay for this does not come directly from the school, but rather in funding the school receives for this particular matter. This must be nice considering there are around 220 kids per day who take the PEAK Strength class. As the school continues pushing forward with this idea, they hope students in other strength and conditioning classes will be able to have the same opportunity in the near future. “I am glad our school has been able to provide this as a benefit for our student-athletes. You never know what others’ daily nutrition looks like, but this ensures that they get at least some protein and healthy nutrients in their body,” said Mason. Tuscan added that, “after a long lifting session, many of these kids go to their next class and aren’t even thinking about what kind of nutrients they are going to consume. Providing this chocolate milk helps make sure that they are getting some protein and calories in following their workout.” Grandville High School hopes to keep pushing good nutrition upon their students and athletes and hope for a better and healthier future.

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