The Importance of Health and Practice as a Dancer

By:Carlee Cawthon

As a dancer it is not stressed enough how crucial and beneficial working outside of the dance studio is to improve oneself both technically and physically. Dancers require strong execution within their technique and need to be able to be aware of their body along with maintaining a healthy diet to fuel their body. It is often forgotten that dancers require strength as well, so getting enough exercise outside of classes and performing is critical to strengthen the right muscles a dancer needs.

If dancing in college is in the cards for a dancer it is important to make your body your number one priority. A Western Michigan collegiate dancer and part time dance teacher, Kaylee Fogelsonger strongly believes in taking care of your body.“Taking care of your body as a dancer is important because your body is your instrument. Similar to a baseball or football player taking care of their equipment, dancers need to do the same in order to perform in their sport”.

In the dance world there is always room for growth. It is important that dancers put in the work in and out of the studio in order to learn and improve. Julia Kapala, a dancer a part of Kathy’s Dance Company’s competitive team, the Grand Haven varsity dance team and a future member of Alabama’s dance team is one determined girl with a strong work ethic that visibly seems to be paying off. Julia states, “You always want to put in your full effort. We don’t dedicate all this time and money for talent to go to waste. If you’re only dancing in the studio you aren’t going to make an impact on yourself, you have it want it”.

As much as it may be least expected dancer’s do need to exercise regularly as they need to build strength to be able to perform and execute to the best of their ability. It is often recommended that dancers participate in cardio outside of the studio. “Incorporating specific types of exercise into your daily or weekly routine will help you build or improve on these certain activities” says Dance Classics Dance Classics. Cardio is the number one recommended exercise for a dancer as it provides many benefits, “Not only does cardio help your cardiovascular system, it can help you feel lighter in the dance studio and contribute to improving a dancer’s endurance”.

These are all very crucial aspects to being a dancer and performing to your full potential and it is just as simple as hitting the gym with a friend, eating a good diet and keeping your body clean, and putting in that extra work to look and feel the best you can possibly be.

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