March Madness: The History and History in the Making

By: Lauren Wilterdink

Beep! The crowd cheered as the final buzzer went off. People from all over the country tune in to watch this college tournament and make guesses on the outcome of the games. According to, there is a 1 in 120 billion chance of getting a perfect bracket even if you know about basketball. Despite the odds, basketball enthusiasts and even regular people try their hand at getting the most accurate bracket and beating out the rest.

March Madness has been a college basketball tradition since 1939. This tournament was created to determine the national champion in college basketball since there are many different conferences that play each other during the regular season. However, originally it was called the NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament, until sportscaster Brent Musburger used the term, March Madness, during his coverage of the event after hearing the term first from Illinois high school official, Henry Porter. 

The 2022 March Madness Tournament was groundbreaking in many ways. For one of the first times in history, there was not a single perfect bracket remaining after the first round for the men’s division, according to For each victory, every team fought well for their place, and often teams that were not thought to have a chance pulled their weight and truly put their determination into the game. Even those who do not normally watch the game, like Bre Dill, listened in on this historic year. If this year could not get any more eventful, Kansas broke yet another record for the largest comeback in NCAA tournament history over UNC,

Throughout the years, March Madness has grown in popularity and now is a 64-team tournament. This battle for basketball domination encourages allegiance and loyalty among its supporters. Elijah Walcott, a believer in the game, explains that “March Madness connects all sports fans together.” The single-elimination competition leads to heartbreak and accomplishment amongst not only the players but the fans as well. The fans become part of the action with the brackets and that may be why it keeps growing in popularity each year. Superfan Greg Wilterdink states that “It’s not just a game, but a chance to be involved in the sport.”

Since March Madness is a yearly tournament, those who are interested can tune in next March for details about the teams competing, the game dates, and the bracket. Replays are also available all over the internet and on many sports channels to rewatch the riveting games. Don’t miss out on the big dance next year.

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