Leadership in Action – Student Council

By: Lauren Wilterdink 

What is the Student Council? For many students at Grandville, this is a question that cannot be answered. All that senior, Anna Reidel knows is that it is a leadership group of mixed grades that is in charge of planning homecoming. She is a part of DECA, WALC, Executive Board, and other groups, however the student council’s true purpose is a mystery to her.

According to hs.gpsbulldogs.org, “The Student Council is the supreme representative body of the students at Grandville High School. It is independently elected, conducted, and governed by students.” However, what is their purpose and responsibilities? Student Council President, Brayden Moll, has shined some light on this subject in a recent interview. He states that the student council “Make sure students are getting a good education by feeling safe in the classroom, having extracurriculars that they can have fun in, making school a more positive place in general.” They do this through separate committees dedicated to specific services to the school and the surrounding community. The Sunshine Committee is meant to spread joy around the school and community. The Service Committee works on service projects dedicated to helping those in need. The Student Body Committee is meant to make the student body more at ease and a little bit more positive while at school. These committees each have their own projects they work on throughout the year. To many, even members, it feels as if this organization has been around forever. Advisor of 17 years, Mrs. Vanhekken states that “We looked into it and couldn’t figure out when student council was established at Grandville.” 

This organization is one of the foundations of Grandville High School and they do a lot of things for the school. Each of the committees of Student Council is committed to having at least one event each month for the students at GHS or the surrounding community. “While students may not be aware of all the things stuco organizes,” Sophie Lynch expresses, “our absence would be massive.” Senior member, Sophie, also explains that STUCO is the middle man between the student body and the admin, allowing students’ concerns to be heard. Treasurer, Jill Baar joined her junior year which is much later than most of the members. She explained that it was a leap of faith since it is a voting process, but she has found new friends that she wouldn’t have met otherwise and opened doors to new opportunities. 

There are often misconceptions about what projects organized through Student Council and how many there actually are. The Council arranges many events including Homecoming and Talent Rock, as well as some smaller events as well. This month there is a Veteran’s Event to raise money for veterans in need locally as well as for veteran charities, Popcorn Fridays that are meant to improve the students’ mood, and Teacher Appreciation cookies, coffee, and donuts on Mondays to keep motivation. These events better GHS and the surrounding community. The purpose of this organization truly stands and makes a more positive environment for all.

If interested in helping out or getting involved in this group, the Veteran’s Event is at Century Park on February 26 from 9am to 11am. They will have a raffle, pancake breakfast, and games for all. Additionally, elections for Student Council are held in May and students are more than welcome to run just pay attention to their email and announcements in the May time.

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