Importance of Breakfast

By: Elyse Friberg

I’ve always loved breakfast foods: waffles, toast, fruit and yogurt, smoothies, eggs and avocado, or even cereal. Since I am also an athlete I make it a priority to have breakfast every morning. My mom, who is a nurse, has taught me a lot about the importance of a healthy breakfast. It’s the first source of energy you get to start off your day, boosts your brainpower and gives you vitamins, and it can also control your weight and reduce your risk of illness. 

As the name suggests, breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period, as my mom said. The website of goes over this topic.” It replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health.” Talking to your doctor about your diet is very helpful too. People who often skip breakfast or can’t handle food in the morning could’ve potentially eaten their last meal too late at night or had a huge portion of food. Some also don’t find breakfast food appetizing, but for all these people, your doctor will not suggest you skip breakfast, but rather find a way around these problems. They might give you a meal schedule, recommend a certain amount of calories a day, or give you examples of light breakfast foods, like smoothies or toast.

I have done competitive cheer and track for all my high school years. From my personal experience, breakfast has made a huge impact on  all of my performances. Sometimes when we have early morning practice for cheer, I skip breakfast and I regret it. I feel tired, worn out, and way more hungry.  With it, I am more energized. Before big tests, like the SAT I usually make myself an egg sandwich or avocado toast with eggs. Breakfast boosts brain power and helps me focus. A few years back my science teacher did a study on this. She concluded that, “children and adolescents who regularly eat breakfast tend to perform better academically compared to those who do not eat in the morning.” 

When asking my mom about why she has always taught me to eat breakfast she said, “breakfast helps boost your metabolism after fasting since dinner. It also regulates your blood sugar to help you feel more energized and improves your concentration.”  Another person who has made a big impact on my life and taught me many valuable lessons, is our lifting coach at my school; Tully Chapman. Something he lives by, and has made my teams live by is this: “ Three by three, five by nine.” Meaning, we need to get three meals in by three oclock and five meals in by nine. Even if some of those meals are healthy snacks, it grows our muscles and retains our soreness.

For some people, eating in the morning can be challenging, but making sure you get even a little something into your system can be very beneficial. Others might not eat because they don’t have enough time before the bus comes, or don’t know what they can even eat. A simple solution to this is that the cafeteria at GHS and most schools offer free breakfasts to all students. They give out breakfast burritos, oranges and apples, Poptarts, and milk and juices. I believe that going into school just 10 minutes early to grab something for breakfast can change the outcome of your day. Healthy breakfast ideas include: oatmeal or rolled oats, fresh fruit, eggs or meat, yogurt, or even smoothies. Making new breakfast concoctions are fun, and very beneficial!

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