Gorjana Jewelry

By: Anna Reidel

¨The multi million-dollar powerhouse¨, created by the CEO Jason Reidel, and his wife Gorjana, the co-founder. Jason and Gorjana created this business back in 2004 in Laguna Beach California, hoping they could do something they both are passionate about. My dad, who recently started working there as the VP of retail, is now a part of the team and is excited to be a part of the journey. 

 Jason and Gorjana wanted to create a business they were both passionate about and wanted to, ¨combine their individual strengths to build their company from the ground up.¨ Gorjana Jewelry has grown tremendously and now has more than three hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Since they started the business, Gorjana and Jason both wanted the main theme of their stores to have a beachy feel to it, and want Laguna Beach incorporated in every store, wherever that store may be located. 

Right now, my dad and his team specifically, are working on expanding more stores around the world. Currently, there are twenty seven Gorjana stores, ¨and we are looking to expand five to ten stores a year,¨ says my dad. Their stores currently hold necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, charms and more. A quote from the Gorjana website, ¨[M]inimal yet never basic, our range of edgy, of-the-moment chain necklace styles, bold, raw-cut gemstones, and enchanting floating diamonds are made to match you.¨ 

Some of the well liked jewelry by customers are, the lou hoops, 14k Gold Alphabet Necklace, Rose Ring Set, and the Venice Mini Bracelet Layering Set. These specific sets have gotten great reviews over the years and continue to do so today. 

Not only is Gorjana a jewelry company, but it is a company that loves to give back. Gorjana and Jason have always wanted giving back to others to be their top priority. ¨Our company has always been really focused on giving back. We started the Team Hunger annual food drive 12 years ago and set up a grant to CHOC five years ago. We have always been very actively involved with many local organizations like With My Own Two Hands¨ (Authority Magazine). 

Gorjana and Jason have started from the bottom and made their way to the top. They created a company that has many styles of jewelry that all people will love and enjoy. While doing what they love, they have also made an impact on the community around them and the people around them. As Gorjana would say, ¨live, laugh, layer.¨ 

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