Making a Change

By: Samantha Lee is a website that even the smallest of people can have a large impact when they all come together. Change allows people to make petitions that can change the world, every single voice counts and matters. “Our mission is to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see. Our vision is a world where no one is powerless, and creating change is part of everyday life.” written by one of the Change creators. was launched in 2007 by current chief executive Ben Rattray. “The company began as a nonprofit that connected charities to donors, but has transitioned into a for-profit company that makes money by selling advertised petitions.”

Change is becoming an even larger and more known organization as the years go on. All of the petitions are made to save lives and change them. Empowering women rights, funding more to cancer patients, and even shortening the jail sentence on someone who didn’t deserve it. It empowers ordinary people to become powerful campaigners on the issues they care about, mobilize people to join together and contribute their voice, time, and money to advance these campaigns and to compel decision makers to respond to the public demand generated by each campaign. “I am signing this because I am a victim of sexual assault. Because my mom worked with battered women for years. Because feeling safe should not have stipulations.” One user comments on a women’s rights campaign. 

People that take part in this website are very thankful that voices can actually be heard and actually change something. It is such an easy and simple process that anyone would happily join to make a difference. An interviewed student of GHS had this to say about the cause, “It is such a helpful organization that brings people together to help something that is larger than ourselves”. Anyone and everyone can help simply by entering in their name and email address, then just clicking a button to sign a petition that could potentially save lives or even honor them. “This is for change all around the world one step at a time.”

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