World Wildlife Fund

By: Connor Romano

The World Wildlife Fund is something bigger than saving and protecting the animals, they try to save the people in need, climate. Oceans, forests, and so much more. This organization uses all the resources they have like world class scientists and businesses that support their cause to try to turn the tables on the growing issue of the extinction of animals and climate change. The World Wildlife Fund one main goal also is to get all types of people to support their cause anyway they can with donation with money and their time. “With just a few clicks, you can make a big difference for our planet. Discover how to stand up for nature, join our community, interact with our work, and spread the word.” This is one of the main things you can see when you click on the tab “How to help”. The WWF is something that in its nature has had some controversy with paying people to do the wrong thing that are too explicit to go into detail, but had been shut down. Many of the things that have been talked about to the WWF have been shut down, which shows that they are trying to do the right thing in the end. If you don’t feel comfortable with the statements brought up you can resort back to my older statement that shows how to help physically and not with sending money to some place you aren’t one hundred percent sure about. With more talk on the money side of this topic, you can see reports of all the financial reports of years past and how the money is being spent now. As you can see from one of the two pictures below, the main logo and animal is a panda, a panda comes to China and has lots of talk because of how low the population of these amazing animals is. Since the WWF started in 1961 one main goal of this fund was to try to save these pandas that were in much worse conditions since this started. The dramatic change in their population had many people happy with the changes being made for a good cause and really started to boost the money going towards this amazing foundation. So if you ever need a good place to start and want to make a good change in this world for the climate, animals, and the people in need the website is:

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