Vanderslice Gym

By: Jaden Loyd

If you are familiar with Grandville High School, you have probably heard of or even seen the Vanderslice Gymnasium. However, do you know the story behind how the Vanderslice Gymnasium was named?

Mr. Vanderslice, or “Slice”, is Grandville’s former principal. In 2017, he passed away after a long hard fought battle with cancer. Mr. Vanderslice was someone who was larger than life. “He was my friend. He was someone who could get you to laugh any time you wanted to, someone who would be there for you any time you needed it,” – Adam Lancto, current Grandville High School principal. “He’s someone who personally I’d call my role model and why I do what I do is because of him.” Mr. Vanderslice loved Grandville. He wanted everyone to take pride in Grandville, and take pride in everything that they did.

He brought GRIT to GHS. He branded Pride and Excellence for Grandville. Slice wanted everyone to be proud of Grandville High School. Mr. Vanderslice exemplified GRIT during his battle with cancer. “No bad days,” is what he would always say. Regardless of the circumstances, he believed that no matter what, there were no bad days. He was the most gritty person known to GHS, and he has left a legacy for all of us to look up to. “Through all his treatments, he never gave up, and he refused to lose,” said Slice’s close friend, John Philo. 

The gym was named after Mr. Vanderslice in January of 2019. The gym was a special place to Mr. Vanderslice. He was a basketball player, a basketball coach, and he actually designed the gym himself. His legacy will be remembered forever not only by all of his family and friends, but by all of the students and staff that he touched with his larger than life personality. 

Keep Mr. Vanderslice’s legacy. Show grit, pride, and excellence in everything that you do. Take losses as an opportunity to learn.

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