Social Misfits Review

By: Madi Welsh

Come as you are. Let’s get weird. Social Misfits is a waffle house like no other. With one location, this restaurant has a lot of undeniable weird characteristics. There’s a variety of higher end waffles, the specialty cocktails along with gourmet coffees. The restaurant is on the ground floor of Marriott Residence Inn, located at 10 Ionia Ave. 

Social Misfits became open to the public December 20th 2021. Spencer Raymond, the Michigan resident who opened the restaurant, in addition owns two Grabbagreen restaurants in Anna Arbor and Royal Oak. I have never seen such a unique waffle cafe that adds so much design to the architecture of the environment. “Social Misfits is a welcoming refuge for all. We respect and celebrate the diverse, alternative and authentic. And we believe in the power it brings. We believe in nonconformity and the independent spirit. We believe in the underdog. The little guy with the crazy idea. Because this is where magic comes from. We believe in self-determinism, free will, and living life on your own terms”.

When I went to Social Misfits I ordered the lemon lavender soda and the teen spirit entree. The drink was so refreshing and had an interesting taste to it. The teen spirit entree was a waffle topped with mac and cheese. The favors mashed together unexpectedly very well. I really enjoyed the dish and the soda as well. I think Social Misfits is a whole experience to go dine in at. Their menu offered so many new combinations that made me step outside of my comfort zone. The parking was a little difficult because the building is located downtown Grand Rapids. We parked in a parking garage that cost us $12. The quality of the food was very good and I think that the company puts a lot of pride in what they serve along with their service. I recommend splitting the entree with another person. The portions were very filling and on the larger side. 

The philosophy of Social Misfits allows for so much room for diversity and inclusion. Come as you are. Let’s get weird. Within all the positives for impact, there’s room for improvement. I think that the parking being more accessible would bring in more guests that aren’t comfortable driving downtown. Along with that, the company could improve with more variety of food options. Although, the shorter menu was great for narrowing down my options.Social Misfits is an incredible experience for those willing to try something new. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the Grand Rapids area. Waffles topped with mac and cheese can’t be found anywhere else. It’s so worth it to take a visit to Social Misfits for any occasion.

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