Senior Spirit

By: Liv Anzuldua

The Senior Spirit is timeless. It is something that all generations can relate to and share their stories about. Spirit in high schools occurs all over the country and is something that will continue to happen for ages. Spirit is not only what keeps the students going, but also the school. Without spirit, what would school be? Who would the students be? 

Each year at Grandville High School, a new set of seniors rolls in, ready to take on their final year of high school. With each student excited as ever for the next football games, hockey games, school dances, and all the school has to offer, the senior spirit shines bright. Without activities for the seniors to get involved in, there would be a dramatic decrease in senior spirit. “The Senior Executive Board puts together various amounts of senior activities in order to raise spirit such as, Senior Tailgates, Senior Dinner Dance, Senior Assembly and so much more in between” Says Kari Wiest (senior class advisor). 

Without senior spirit, there would be nothing to look forward to in school. The only improvements that can be made are the students, you cannot expect a class full of spirit to just happen, the students have to have the spirit. In the fall, everyone makes it through the week to be able to cheer for Grandville under the stadium lights. In the winter, students can’t wait to cheer on their favorite basketball and hockey players. When spring time rolls around, seniors hold onto every bittersweet moment. “My favorite memory about senior years so far is being able to pick the guys for the guy girls dance and having all my friends be in it and do the dance together” says Carlee Cawthon, senior. Memories that last a lifetime happen during senior year, and without spirit, they would be nothing. 

There is no spirit like that of high school senior students, they live for the bittersweet moments. Spirit is often what makes going to school fun, the more you have of it, the more enjoyable high school becomes. “I would say that over the past few years, the spirit that the seniors hold has been pretty consistent. However, after the shutdown when the students were able to come back, it seemed as though the spirit of the seniors increased dramatically.” says Kari Wiest. Sometimes, you don’t realize how good something is until it’s gone. Once you gain back what you lost, the value of that is cherished. 

Senior year is what you make of it. There are so many different and fun activities to get involved in each week. The only way to make memories is to get out and do them. Without memories and spirit, what is high school? 

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