Officer Meuw

By: Aniya Fisher

¨ You might´ve seen this badge and assumed I was going to tell some cop story. I would rather change it up and give you something unexpected. I grew up playing golf before golf was cool. I was at a golf tournament here in Michigan right around the time Tiger Woods was coming up and I got the opportunity to meet him. That’s when I realized I was never going to be a professional golfer. I wanted to do something out of the box growing up, I wanted to be different. I got ridiculed for playing golf because ¨it wasn’t a real sport.¨ I used those negative comments and people when it came to golf as motivation in everything else i did in life. Now I carry around a golf ball to just remind me of what I’ve accomplished and the person I am today because of those interactions when it came to me playing golf. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy I didn’t pursue golf because I love my career but if I was never that stubborn kid I was, there might be no officer museum. So use my story as an example, follow your gut it’ll lead you in the right direction. “

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