My Review on the movie The Age of Adaline

By: Ana Reidel

I decided to review the movie The Age of Adaline. This movie is a romance/fantasy. The incredible actress Blake Lively plays a woman named Adaline who gets into a terrible car accident, which then changes her life forever. Due to the car accident, Adaline stops aging and has to live her life as a new person to everyone she meets. Later on, Adaline meets a man named Ellis who she starts to fall in love with, however Ellis does not know her secret. Adaline and Ellis go on through their journey of love with this hidden secret know one knows about. Adaline goes to meet Ellis’ family and something with Ellis’ family later on ultimately forces her to reveal her secret. 

This is one of the best movies I have ever watched. I decided to review this movie because I have watched it many times and reviewing it seemed very interesting to me. The amazing plot and love story this movie holds is incredible. The intended audience of this movie would be teens and older, and whoever enjoys romance movies. 

I think the overall message of this movie is to never take time like the present for granted. I feel like this movie incorporates the idea of being okay with getting older, because Adaline in the movie does not get to experience that. I love how this movie incorporates the fact that time is so valuable, and we should cherish every second of it. 

The ending of the movie surprised me the first time I watched it, however I enjoyed the ending a lot and I liked how I didn’t expect it either. Overall, I rate this movie an 11/10. This movie always kept me awake and wondering what was going to happen next. I strongly recommend for everyone to watch this movie, and to also get a great life lesson out of it.

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