Mrs. VanGessel

By: Fiona Moore-Follett

“I was asked to tell a story by Fiona and I thought what better to reflect on than my time here at GHS. 

First of all when I look back I wonder where has the time gone?   It has been such an honor to work here at GHS through the good times and bad.  The administrators, staff and students are remarkable!!

I feel like all of us, students and staff alike ,  so often just go through the motions of getting through the day and not take the time to look around and see all the great things that take place here at GHS.

From our many athletic teams,  Be Nice Club, the Writing Club, our wonderful theater program, etc.  there is something for everyone here at GHS and we should all be thankful for the many opportunities available. 

Please take a moment today to appreciate what you have and be thankful for your classmates, administrators and staff and take pride in being a Grandville Bulldog!!”

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