Maroon Sweatpants

By: Dakota Greer

“It was 5th grade and I was with my family going to a K-mart and we did this because there was a lot of clearance. Me and my sister got the best sweatpants that were so comfy and had the cutest pink strings. At the time I was into penny boarding and me my mom and dog decided to go on a walk and i had my new sweat pants on and was ready. Before I started to get on my board and ride, my sister thought it would be a good idea to push me down as hard as she could. I ended up falling face first and scraping my new pants that I just bought and they ended up having a huge hole in them. From that day on I never wanted to penny board or wear any new sweatpants doing any crazy activities. I still don’t know how she led me into that and I didn’t have the chance to push her down.”

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