Harry Styles Love on Tour

By: Liv Anzuldua

“Love on Tour”. A tour that shows love, and tells others to spread love. Love on Tour is the tour Harry Styles took on his latest album “Fine Line”. Originally planned in early 2020, it was rescheduled for late 2021, leaving fans more anxious than ever. Hitting 21 states, Harry Styles sent out the message to people of all ages to take a moment and just love. 

Before becoming a solo artist, Harry Styles was a part of one of the most popular boy bands in history; One Direction. One Direction went on a total of four world tours. When they split, Styles began a career by himself. His first tour by himself was “Live on Tour” in 2018, followed by “Love on Tour” in 2021. Styles is now the 20th most listened to artist in the world. 

This concert was everything that I had hoped for and more. Fans thought that since Styles had not performed in a couple of years due to Covid-19, he would not be in his normal “groove”. This, however, was not the case at all. He interacted with the crowd more than ever by singing happy birthday to fans, helping couples with gender reveals, encouraging/helping fans come out about their sexuality, and engaging with couples during proposals. I truly believe that Harry Styles cares for his fans because of the way he interacts and listens to his fans, which is something that not many artists are able to do so freely and effortlessly. If you or anyone you know is thinking about attending one of these concerts, I would highly recommend it. While tickets can be a little pricey, you for sure get what you pay for.

While I have no complaints about the show I attended, I do have one complaint about the entire tour itself. When visiting the more popular venues and populated shows such as Madison Square Garden and The Forum, Harry Styles performed different and more songs than he did in other shows. I think that this was almost unfair to those who did not get to experience him singing certain songs. 

If you are craving a concert after not being able to in years, this is the one to go to. Whether you are 14 and this is your first concert, or you are 65 and going with your daughter, this is a show that guarantees entertainment for everyone. Although the tour in the United States is over, Styles will begin traveling in South America and Europe in early April. To buy tickets, you can go to https://hstyles.co.uk/tour

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