Girls Can: Making a Difference in West Michigan

By: Carlee Cawthon

“This girl can, this girl did” as Jada Moylan, the creator of Girls Can would like to say. Girls Can is an organization started by Hudsonville student, Jada Moylan. You may also know her as Miss Teen Michigan. Girls Can is a movement to stop bullying and empower girls to be true to who they are. “When I started the Girls Can account on instagram I was so scared of what people would say or think, which was so dumb because you should never worry about that. I started this account because I truly felt God had told me to do this but I didn’t know it would lead to an account with more than 1,000 girls following along”.

Jada wanted to create Girls Can to be a safe place for girls to come and share their stories without judgment, connect with other girls, and empower them to feel truly confident in themselves. Jada says, “I have been bullied all my life. I wanted to take my experiences and share them with other girls to show that it can happen to anyone. I’ve taken my experiences I’ve dealt with and turned them into a way to help other girls”.

Girls Can has impacted many teen girls to reach out and share their stories and make others feel comfortable with live streams where Jada answers her followers’ questions and gives advice to the girls. Jada’s Girls Can organization took its first big take off when she hosted the ‘Pink Party’ and invited her followers and included many inspirational girls. “This was by far my favorite event. I loved getting to chat with each one of the girls”.

Girls Can is an organization for any girl to be a part of! It is often misconceived as a place for just Jada and her friends, but it is most definitely an atmosphere that includes every and any girl wanting to be involved. Lily Clark, Grandville student says, “I fully support and love the idea of girls having an outlet like Girls Can so it is possible to connect with others and know they are not alone. As a girl athlete, woman empowerment is something I strongly believe in”.

People and students can help by sharing this organization with others and promoting it on social media, in hopes to expose Girls Can to the people who need it most. Many girls can help the organization by getting involved and participating in the different events, purchasing the merchandise located on the This girl can, This girl did website, or even as simple as giving the Girls Can instagram a follow.

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