Cafe Boba Restaurant Review

By: Lauren Wilterdink

Looking to try the Japanese drink sensation, bubble tea look no further than Café Boba. This small business sells boba tea, smoothies, slushies, coffee drinks, baked goods, and savory options. With lovely decor and a pastel theme, this tea shop caters to those who love an aesthetically pleasing and picture-worthy environment.

Café Boba was established in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2013. Their philosophy is to bring the fun of bubble tea to the Grand Rapids area. Located on Division Ave in Kentwood, this business is comparable to Kung Fu Tea, however, it has more comfortable and cozy seating. 

For almost nine years, this small boba shop has been able to compete even with all the new bubble tea shop openings in the area. The service is fast and accurate. We waited in line for less than five minutes on a very busy day and received our order in full in less than 15. The food is flavorful and tasty. The chicken dumplings arrived nice and hot, while the smoothie boba was refreshingly chilled.

The parking lot is very small and compact so be careful getting in or out on the trip. If you want to try out the food, plan on needing a meal later on since the food is not super filling or enough for a meal. Additionally, their operational times are limited, but I still recommend trying it out when you can.

Find this amazing boba shop on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2-8 pm or Friday through Sunday from 11 am-9 pm. Be sure to check out their limited edition “year of the tiger” cups. If you end up loving the shop, make sure to get a punch card that gives you a free drink after ten punches!

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