Braille McDonald’s Menu

By: Elyse Friberg

If you’ve ever had Mr. Tower as a teacher, you’ve probably heard about, or seen, the braille McDonalds menu hanging on the side of his desk. It might not seem like it, but there is really a story behind everything; and this menu is a perfect example of that. 

The first menu he obtained started when he made an observation to the class. He had gone through a McDonalds drive-thru the prior night and noticed at the bottom of the drive-thru menu it said “Braille menus upon request.” Mr. Tower thought this was strange. He said, “Because A) blind people couldn’t read that the sign said that, B) blind people definitely weren’t driving, and C) assuming the blind person was the passenger in the car, who was the jerk that was willing to drive them to McDonald’s, read that Braille menus were available, but then not read them the rest of the menu?” 

His class looked past his questions about the menu and became infatuated by the fact that braille menus even exist. That night, a few students went through the drive-thru pretending to be blind and brought back braille menus to Mr. Tower. Now, plenty of years later, Mr. Tower continues to share this story to all of his classes. He says, “It reminds me of all the weirdos who I’ve taught over the years who do weird, crazy things, because deep down I have a strong abiding love for weirdos who do weird, crazy things.” He also gets to tell this story to anyone who asks to connect the past to the present which “Is one of my favorite things stories do.” He mentioned. 

He has had more than one menu; over the years, as kids hear this story, they also experiment and bring a new menu in. One girl named Kylie Klunder, is one of those kids. ‘Myself & Quincey Glupker (another student) were on our way back from a ski trip and we told her parents the funny story that Mr Tower told us… Then we stopped at McDonald’s to get food and decided to ask for a braille menu too. It took the workers a long time to find it but they said “we know we have them somewhere.” ‘ Hearing this story, I can assume that not a lot of people use this option, but it is very considerate of Mcdonalds to try and accommodate the blind. Mr. Tower had a blind kid in his class. He shared this story with him and the kid thought this was hilarious and even translated the menu for them. 

It’s cool how something that seems insignificant to most people, can connect people through the years and can be a funny story for Mr. Tower to talk about. 

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