The Ceiling of Designs: A Grandville High School Project

By: Samantha Hall

It’s weird when something so creative tends to go unnoticed everyday, even when hundreds of students pass under it all the time. Well, that’s probably why not too many people put much thought into the Op art designs on the ceiling because…well, it’s on the ceiling. Op art, or optical art, is a form of visual art that is created to look like optical illusions. While many love this ceiling due to its creative designs, and unified patterns, others don’t know the story behind this amazing hall design. This art is a work in progress by Debra Kreuyer and her 2D Art Class. “It’s an ongoing thing, and started about three years ago. Each class does one, so I’ve been adding 30 tiles every year,” Mrs. Kreuyer explained while being interviewed. 

This project was started four years ago, in 2017, and it is located in the Art Hall. “The reason I started doing that is because the hallways are kind of drab, and there’s a lot of leaks. And the ceiling tiles, where all the water leaks come through, are spotted anyway,” Mrs. Kreuyer discusses. It is an independent project that the 2D Art students do when they have finished their other projects early. Mrs. Kreuyer first cuts out a poster board for her students, who use it to create their Optical Art, and she uses a ladder to glue the art onto the ceiling tiles. The giant Op art poster boards cover up the nasty spots on the tiles where they leaked, and even keeps them from leaking as well. It could be considered as a very creative construction project. 

The ceiling tiles don’t go completely unnoticed by the students of Grandville. Many students love walking down this hallway to look at the rhythmic designs of the Op art, and a lot  of others love the memories of making the art and having them put on the ceiling. “Everyone who does one of these tiles, they’ll show other people and say, ‘There’s the tile that I did!’ So they’re kind of leaving a little piece of themselves behind after they graduate,” Mrs. Kreuyer said. This project has impacted students in many ways, leaving them with favorable memories and experiences from GHS.

Students who walk down this hallway claim to feel happy when they see the Op Art. Chamila Fellove-Gomez, a student who’s a member of the ASD Class says that she really likes this hallway. “I kind of like the pattern,” she explains and continues, “I kind of feel happy and excited.” 

Chamila even pointed out her favorite design:

Chamila, and many other students, feel a warm, happy feeling when seeing these designs. “I was walking behind some students, and this girl–she didn’t know I was there–she was talking to her friend and she said ‘I just love walking down this hall it’s so colorful!’” Mrs. Kreuyer recalls.

Debra Kreuyer hopes that this project will inspire students to join 2D Art. “I think it would be great for students to know that in 2D Painting, we do a lot of fun things. I’d like to see more sections of it and see more kids take it. We need to fill these halls up with more art,” She explains. The 2D Art class does many other fun projects as well.

(Picture taken on September 22, 2021)

The board shows new projects that they are working on.

2D art is a great class that brings out the creativity in students, who also get to participate in filling the hallways with fabulous Op Art designs! It’s a fun class where imagination and creativity can be brought out in different ways, and hopefully more students will enroll in this class in the future.

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