Hand in Hand Soaps

By: Samantha Hall

Parents always teach their kids that they should wash their hands with soap and water. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t teach their kids this, since a single touch can spread germs and get others sick. Soap is also meant for hygiene, making sure that the user is fresh and clean. But could you imagine living a life that was void of this necessary cleaning product? Germs would spread like wildfire, and sickness would be very common. This is the case for most third world countries that don’t have access to the necessary hygiene products like citizens do here in America, and they don’t have clean water either, which is very necessary for hydration, cleaning, and many other things. Living a life without soap and water seems like a small issue to some, since it’s not a topic that one thinks about often, but by taking a look at the bigger picture, it can be shown clearly how much soap and water does for everyone. A special organization, Hand in Hand Soap, seeks to solve this problem by making personal care products, and with each product that is bought by consumers, soap and clean water is given to children who are in need of it. 

The business started when Bill Glaab and Courtney Apple sought to create a soap that was high quality, and would be able to help water related deaths all around the world. “In 2011, millions of children were dying each year from water-related illnesses that could be prevented with hand washing alone. So we got an idea: what if we could create a soap that could also save lives? With that, our BUY ONE, GIVE BACK program(and company) were born”(handinhandsoap.com). In 2012, the founders of Hand In Hand Soap took a trip to Haiti and saw the impact that their program had on the country, and realized the big difference that they could make. They partnered up with My Children’s Neighbor, and began to install wells that provided fresh, clean water to thousands of people all around the world every day. They’re business expanded to Cambodia, where they partnered up with Eco Soap Bank, who helped them save wasted hotel soaps from landfills in order to recycle them and distribute them to locations of poverty. Even now in 2021, Hand In Hand soap purchases and donates sophisticated equipment for digging wells to their partner in Haiti, where they dig and repair 80 fresh, new, clean water wells. 

Since they started their company in 2011, Hand In Hand Soap has donated 13.8 million soap bars, 120 thousand gallons of water, and in those ten years they have served 23 countries. Another way Hand In Hand Soap makes a difference is they do not use Palm Oil. This may sound very simple and insignificant, but the palm oil industry destroys rainforests and animal habitats, and in the process, they abuse human rights by treating their workers poorly, as well as their communities. Hand In Hand Soap uses recycled aluminum to decrease plastic pollution and they are working on a recyclable bottle pump. Their ingredients are completely vegan in order to protect wildlife, also being enforced by their refusal to use palm oil in their products. “It’s important for people to know that they’re having a tangible, measurable, impact on the ground in countries like Cambodia”(Samir Lakhani the founder of Eco-Soap Bank).

Many people left their views on the Hand In Hand website, and they show that they are very fond of the aluminum bottles that the hand soaps are in. On the Trustpilot review website, 722 people rated the soap, and 92% of the consumers rated the company as “excellent” and with 4.7 stars. Many of the consumers rating their products agree that the scents are wonderful, the aluminum bottles are a great idea, and that the soap leaves the skin moisturized. “I was so pleased to find Hand in Hand Soap. Not continuously buying plastic dispensers – or even plastic refills. And the scent of the Citrus Grove is just perfect, not too sweet and not too strong. Just a nice clean scent”(review from trustpilot.com). 

It is highly encouraged by consumers to support this organization and their mission to provide clean water and soap to children in third world countries who are dying from preventable diseases. Hand soap, body lotion, hand sanitizers, bar soap, and more can be bought at the  Hand In Hand Soap Website. When you buy a single bar of soap, or an aluminum bottle of hand soap, that money goes to supporting the less fortunate in third world countries who don’t have the clean water, soap, and other necessities that we so often take for granted. The money used to buy your soap goes to providing clean water and soap to the many people who desperately need it. Everyone can help Hand In Hand Soap to fulfill their mission by simply purchasing a bottle of soap, and even though you may not think it’s a lot, it can make a big difference for someone who lives in a poor country half way across the world.

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