Q’doba Review

By: Rachel Blitchok

Qdoba is a global franchise located in three countries, The United States, Canada and in the District of Columbia. I visited the Grandville location located on 3871 Rivertown Parkway in Grandville MI. In the Grand Rapids area there are five locations and 71 Qdobas in Michigan. The total number of locations in the US is 744. 

Qdoba sells Mexican style food with fast and easy service. It is set up as a buffet style line where customers tell the employee what they want and they prepare it right there and than. The restaurant’s philosophy is “Crafting thoughtful flavor combinations that will satisfy your biggest cravings and leave you counting down the days till your back”. As soon as I walked in I noticed that it was very clean and smelled like good authentic Mexican food. The menu displayed all their options in big text so it’s easy to read all of their options.

There are many different options I could order from the menu. From burritos,tacos,bowls,quesadillas and more. I ordered a mini bowl, and I was first asked which rice I wanted. I chose white rice and then black beans and chicken. Next I could choose my toppings and I only got cheese because I’m super plain, but there’s many different toppings to choose from. After they made my food, I paid and was asked if I would like a drink or chips to go with my meal. I got chips to go with my bowl and after I paid I went to my car to eat, the booths and tables all are nice and clean but I went at 9:30 at night so I decided to take it to go. 

Overall Qdoba seems like a great restaurant to go to when you want fast and delicious Mexican food with good service.

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