Old Navy

By: Liv Walkons

Currently there are three Old Navy stores in the grand rapids area, there are 12 Old Navy stores in the state of Michigan and 1,121 Old Navy stores in the United States. The philosophy of the store is to be a low cost, great quality store. The website shows what deals are running and, if you are part of the program to earn rewards as I am, it shows how many points you have. As for quality of clothing it shows what each item is made of, the size and fit, and the shipping and returns of the product. The store recently just started selling larger sizes in women’s denim calling it “BodEquality” on the website, shoppers can see many different sizes of women wearing the clothing. 

Recently I’ve been shopping there more, the last thing I purchased was some very comfortable athletic joggers and a cropped sweater. I noticed that while in the store it was quite busy, and the music was kind of loud in some areas. The employees were very helpful, and the service was very good. Since the store is in the middle of a renovation it isn’t completely clean but for it being remodeled I would say it’s cleaned up more than what is expected. The parking is main parking for the whole Rivertown Mall so on the busier days finding a parking spot close is quite hard but on those less busy days parking is easy to find. The accessibility to the store is very easy, it’s a very large store as well, even when it is very busy there is plenty of room to look around. 

I recommend the Women’s Powersoft Joggers because they are so comfortable and soft. They always have tons of deals running and if you have those points built up you can get even more money off! I am very happy with my experience at Old Navy! 

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