Not Just a Cafeteria Anymore!

By: Alaina Kurek

Bosco sticks! Pizza! Fries! Salads! Burgers! No matter what students think of the food, the atmosphere in the cafeteria is mostly positive. Speaking of, there is something that changed very recently in the cafeteria that has really impacted the atmosphere among the students. There are some special new add ons in the cafeteria that, “Gives it more flavor” as George Williams says. There is a new painting up in the cafeteria!

The Bulldog Cafe is a brand new addition that they painted over the summer. They not only painted this, but also switched the old signs and replaced them with new ones with vibrant colors. They also added wall art full of healthy foods to help encourage students to make positive food choices within their daily lives. This painting took about 4 full days to complete. They even had to use a special paint because of the type of wall they painted on. This shows the determination that Grandville has for creating a healthy living style for their students. Although many will think that this painting may not be “life changing,” Ally Meyers says that, “this art makes the cafeteria not only more enjoyable to be in, but it also gives me a sense of togetherness while being in there now.”

Jeff Ward says, “I love how it turned out! It has a fresh look to it!” Regarding impacting students, anytime you freshen up an area that so many students walk through daily, it can’t help but have a positive effect on each and every one of them. Especially those that are seniors that have not seen much change in their four years of being there. A new art piece in the walls of GHS no matter how small can easily comfort students and make them feel safe especially where they eat and can relax.  

Students responded very well to the new painting. Christian Keegan claims, “They should’ve added more to it!” With adding this mural, there is a very good opportunity for them to add a wall full of inspiration for students to have a healthy living right in their school. They could add quotes such as, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” or “Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well.” Adding quotes such as these, could inspire students to make a better well being for themselves. This could just be the start for them, and it has already come a long way. 

Something that could be very beneficial would be to include students’ artwork into the mural as well, or other places around the school. Including pieces of art that students make around the building could make walking through the dreary hallways of a high school much more refreshing and exciting. “We need to get some more art like that in the school,” George Williams claims. Something so small in the giant school, such as the Bulldog Cafe, can really brighten up someone’s day just by realizing that it is there.

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