Girls Support Girls

By: Jaida Dykhouse

The goal of WALC (Women’s Advancement in Leadership Club)  is to create a community for females and to work together on projects and support each other. WALC Co advisor Mrs. Susan Peterson says, “Our hope is that it can just really unite our female students.”

This club got started about 10 years ago when Ms.Mattice created the club to provide varsity female athletes a way to learn leadership skills throughout high school. Around five years ago,  Ms.Koza and Mrs.Peterson took over the club. The goal is to create a community for females and to work together on projects and support each other.  The members participate in various popular activities throughout the year and they do donation drives throughout the year. One main drive is the pad and tampon drive. The members donate mascara wands to help clean wildlife animals that are victimized by the oil spill.  Ms.Koza says,  “Our theme is girls support girls.”

The mission of this group is to help develop positive leadership skills, team attitude, and role modeling. One of the goals is to promote and market women’s sports. Mrs.Peterson comments, “It would raise awareness to female issues, problems, good things, it can provide focus for girls, it’s also a safe space for girls to talk about issues.”

This year the club hopes to design a new t-shirt and connect, learn about how to be great leaders and partner with local charities that support women’s causes.  Meetings are always held on the third Thursday of every month at 7:15 in the auditorium. All are welcome!

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