Corner Record Shop Review

By: Kenzie Koopman

Do you have a record player but no records? Do you want to play new music on your record player? Maybe take it back a few years and play some 80’s music. You should check out the Corner Record shop. They are located at 3562 Chicago Dr. SW Grandville, MI. Landon Honeywell states “Extremely impressive selection of music related stuff, excluding vinyl. Their vinyl collection is equally impressive.” Some genres include Smooth Jazz, 80’s Rock, Hip Hop, folk, and plenty more. You can buy, sell, or trade new and used Vinyl albums, 8-track tapes, vintage audio gear cassette tapes, and so much more. They had Three sections full of music. They had fun posters you could buy, they as well had a section with pearl necklaces, scarfs, and shoes. Walking into a different section you would find a stage with a piano, guitars, and a cardboard cutout of Elvis Presley where you can take cute pictures. Every room had a different style. “Corner record is super cool. It seems to go on forever. So many records and a GREAT selection of used record players, receivers, amps and speakers! I highly recommend it!” David Daniele says. The first room we walked into was more cluttered, and had a teenager’s newer music style, and they were playing more upbeat music. You continue to walk and that stage may catch your eye. There were hundreds of records, it was definitely a cool room. The music was around the 60’s-70’s era. It was such a clean and put together room. The very last room we walked into was so fascinating. There were all types of ways to play music. Cassettes, Vinyls, and 8- track tapes. I had never seen one in my life, and they look a bit difficult to use. The music playing was older music, maybe 1920’s. The only downside I saw was the parking was congested, small and had little room to park. The records are more on the expensive side. My experience overall was very fun, and enjoyable. When I walked in I was immediately greeted and throughout my whole trip there they would stay in contact with, and were very friendly asking if I needed help with anything.  If you want to check it out here is the link to their website.

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