Tile Art at GHS

By: Christine Farr

Have you ever come across this art piece at Grandville High School? It is artwork made by Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Kreuyer’s intro to art classes from 2018. 

 Students from both Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Kreuyer’s classes from 2018 participated in making these tiles.The tiles took a couple weeks to make, fire them in the kiln, glaze the tiles, then back in the kiln they went! The maintenance department put the tiles up over the summer to beautify the hallways. One of the art teachers at GHS Mr.Johnson states, “ All of the intro students at the time all got a chance to make one of those tiles.” It all started with an idea that the art teachers had to liven up the building, so they turned it into a lesson for the students to complete.

The goal was for students and the community to see it, put their own feelings into it and to simply just enjoy it. If you haven’t seen this beautiful art piece in the hallway of GHS you should go take a look at it. 

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