The Little Green Mystery

By: Devin Koetje

Have you heard of the mysterious object in room 114 at Grandville high school?This mysterious room is Mr.Groenleer’s and these fun thing has been going on for 15 plus years now. This fun little thing is his class dinosaur and his adventures. This dinosaur was brought in one day from a student that came in from an appointment many years ago and when this student brought it in it was promptly hidden in the room and has been there ever since. This wasn’t brought to the attention of Mr.Groenleer until weeks after it started. Now the dino is hidden around the room on a regular basis by students for other students to try to find.

The man behind the extra fun class, Mr.Groenleer says he thinks it has stayed in the room so long because, “It is a good fun thing to do for the class.” This pulls the class in to have a fun thing to do that is more than just learning. Mr.Groenleer claims his favorite time involving the dino is, “ the beginning of the year and I talk about it for the first time and the students love it,” and he just can’t wait for it to get started. The love of something unique in his class, even as small as a little dino, makes such a difference in his class and makes it known that he loves to share it with everyone else.

A former student of Mr.Groenleer, Garett Kok exclaims, “ I loved coming into the classroom and there being something fun to do, more than just sitting in class. If I got bored I could look around the room and try to find it.” Christian Keegan says, “I love when it was put on top of the clock and it stayed there for more than a week.” This just shows how much this little dino impacts the amount of fun that Mr.Groenleer’s class has, and both of these students agreed that if the dino wasn’t a part of their school day it would have been much less enjoyable.

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