Rising Tech at GHS

By: Brooklyn Kempf & Ojo Leister

When you walk into Grandville High School you very well may notice the numerous televisions mounted around the walls throughout the hallway and seven alone in  Project Room 240. If you pay attention to them then you would know they are mainly used for electronic posters and announcements of upcoming events, if you don’t then you might have wondered what the actual purpose is for all these screens. According to assistant principal Mr Kennedy “The tvs are a way to keep up with the societal technology changes that keep occuring.” When he was first teaching at Grandville High School they used TV/VCRS to watch news and announcements. The tvs are google based tvs meaning they only can play google slideshows which limits us to just pictures and not videos. Then lingures the question, why did GHS buy tvs that can only display pictures? Mr Kennedy is hoping to learn his way around that and project more than just the same announcements.

The Tvs were put in about three years ago, with the hopes to replace all paper posters and create a fun up to date way to give information. The seven TVs in the project room are meant to be a collaborative space for teachers and staff members to bring their students in and all work together. Mr Grounhout, a GHS staff member, said “We wanted to bring a college feel into the high school.” There is a great potential to having these TVs around the school but people just need to learn how to use them. 

The students of GHS were asked how they felt the TV’s impacted their learning environment and if they were helpful to have around school. The ultimate consensus is that they didn’t really do much. Cade Pilzcuk, senior, said “ The tvs around here could do more”. Sydney Fracassi, another student says “ We see them everyday but I don’t take anything away from them” The TVs at GHS are just used as electronic posters as stated before and aren’t 100% impactful towards all students and staff. 

Students are able to email Mr Kennedy if they have any ideas for the tvs and they can talk to their teachers if they want to use the collaborative space. There is a lot of potential for these TVs and Grandville is looking forward to learning new things about the technology they have and better ways to use it. 

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