Humans of GHS: Nayeli Lopez

By: Callie Sikkenga

¨There was this cottage that my grandma used to own out in South Haven. My sister, cousins, and I would always visit there. Me and my cousin, Natalie, have always thought the house was haunted. It was old and would keep bugs and dust in tons of spaces. I have so many good memories there but I think my favorite thing about it was the thrill. We were always so caught up in finding out what or who was haunting the house. I remember one time when we went into the bedroom and just shut ourselves in there listening to the house creak. We were always so scared, but so intrigued by the house. I always wanted to bring some friends up there but I never had the chance. My grandma sold the house before I made any sort of plans with anyone. I thought it would be nice to bring friends up to such a special place. I think of all of my close friends as my family.¨

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