Get to Know the GHS Voice

By: Winter Groothuis

Claire Gregwer is a senior at Grandville High School who runs track, plays basketball and volleyball. She is from Wyoming, Michigan, and when she is at home she is accompanied by three sisters, a brother, a dog and two cats. Outside of the house she enjoys shopping, playing basketball, and hanging out with friends and family, Claire doesn’t mind school, but on the first day she said she was both excited and nervous. She enjoys extra curricular activities such as school dances, football games, and sports. As of now, her  favorite subject is math, but business and sports marketing are something she wants to explore once high school is done. Claire wants to try her hardest in school and do everything to the best of her abilities. She says, “What motivates me to work hard is being looked up to by my sisters and having a general drive to be the best.”

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