Humans of GHS: Malia Olson

By: Cecelia Duffy

“I was adopted and used to live in Grand Rapids until I was three. I went to South Elementary. I’ve done every sport under the sun. My favorite colors are pastel green and purple. My childhood best friend has been in my life for thirteen years. The Duffy twins got me into competitive cheer. Something on my bucket list is to go bungee jumping because I love the feeling of adrenaline and it just seems exciting to look at the views. If I could go to any place in the world I would go back to Tennessee because there’s so many things to do, there’s tourist places and there’s a lot of nature views, lots of open land, and animals. Someone that inspires me the most is probably Ellen Pompeo because she is so easy going and can have a good time while also caring a lot about the environment and others. I am more of an introvert and the personality traits I am most proud of is how free spirited I am and my ability to resolve things in a given situation like help with friendship, mental health, or someone to chat with just because.” 

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