Humans of GHS: Liz Palmer

By: Reegan Loveland

“I’m Liz Palmer, I’m a senior this year and I have big dreams after high school and college. So this is my plan, once I graduate from law school I’m going to get married to a beautiful man who has nice hair and nice teeth and he has to make more money than me, that is one of his requirements. Then we can live in a big white house that’s in a field in Alabama, and have a bunch of pretty little kids and we will have a big huge front porch with a swing and it’ll be so cute, and we will have three dogs all named after golfers, and my husband has to know how to hunt and how to fish; he also has to have a hot southern accent. Then I’m going to be a lawyer and I’m going to have kids and they’re going to play sports and I’ll be a cute fun sports mom, and we will live happily ever after in Alabama in this big huge white house in the middle of a beautiful field with a great view of the sunset and sunrise. My mom will also live by us because she’s awesome and then when she gets old I’ll take care of her.” 

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