Humans of GHS: Elyse Friberg

By: Ojo Leister

¨I have cheered for as long as I can remember, it’s always been a part of who I am. People are quick to judge us because of the stereotypes that surround cheerleaders; this is mainly because of how we are portrayed in movies and shows, but there is so much more to us and the sport. We have to be strong physically and metally. Stunting another person isn’t as easy as it looks because it takes skill and concentration. Being a cheerleader means being part of a team but being a Grandville cheerleader makes us a part of a legacy. Grandville has always excelled in cheer and it feels good to be part of a team like that. I like sideline cheer better than competitive because we get to incorporate everyone in the stands and create one big team. When the student section’s energy is down, so will ours. We feed off of each other.¨

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