Humans of GHS: Brayden Gable

By: Brooklyn Kempf

“People don’t see the hard work and effort behind the scenes, they only see the final product. I have learned in my eighteen years to stay positive, block out all of the negative things. Then use those negatives to push myself forward and make it a positive outcome. I’m the youngest out of four siblings. They have taught me the most in my life. From learning what I should be doing, but also at many times what I shouldn’t be doing. I have two big mentors in my life, first my dad because he has taught me how to be a good man and has given me my competitive nature and my work ethic. Then there’s my mom who has taught me how to talk to people and explain my feelings. She is always able to understand what I’m talking about, then in turn help me use it in my life for good. I’ve defined my success as being happy with myself and being the best person I can be. You can be the best version of yourself when you do what you believe is right and with being happy where you’re at.”

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