Get to Know the GHS Voice Staff: Reegan Loveland

By: Ojo Liester

This is Reegan Loveland, she is 17 years old and attends Grandville High School as a senior this year. She is looking forward to her senior year because it is her last year in high school and she wants to “start something new.”  She is hoping that something new will consist of her attending either Michigan State University or Indiana University. Her dream job is some type of engineer or architect.  Reegan is not a big fan of school although being able to see her friends and knowing school events are coming up, is the highlight of her day. When she is older she wants to live somewhere either in South Carolina or North Carolina because she likes the weather there. It would be ideal for her to be by the water as well. If Reegan could have one super power it would be to teleport, so that way she is never late! Finally, if she could give any advice to underclassmen it would be to realize sooner than later that school is not a person’s whole life, have fun because there is more to life than school. 

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