Get to Know the GHS Voice Staff: Ojo Liester

By: Reegan Loveland

Ojo Liester is an 18 year old GHS student who hopes to attend Michigan State next fall. This school year, she is looking forward to graduation, but once the next school year starts she plans to become a lawyer or something in the medical field. Leister enjoys hanging out with her friends in her free time, and she prefers the fall over any other season “because of the clothes that you can wear and because of the things you can do in the fall.” Her hero is her Papa and the thing that motivates her is her future because she is looking forward to what she can accomplish. If she could move anywhere, she would live in Tennessee because of the scenery like the beautiful mountains there. Her biggest fear is spiders and her biggest pet peeve is when people say that someone is copying another person. She explained it as if you wore an outfit and then someone else wore the same outfit the next day. She thinks that it shouldn’t matter since people use the things that they see and notice as inspiration.

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