Wait, we have a pool? – By: Devin Wybenga

“Wait, we have a pool?”

For some reason many people do not know that GHS has a pool. But the GHS pool provides a place for students and community members to get involved and to have fun with others. There are a couple different ways to get involved. Athletes could sign up for swim and dive or water polo, or they could participate in age group swim.

The water sport teams have been going on for many years now, and this has left an impact on the participants. Age Group Swim also has been going on for many years and it mirrors the same impact on the age group swimmers as it does on the GHS swimmers. It provides an area for people and their peers to connect and have tons of fun with each other. Mariah Moubray, a former Age Group Swim participant states, “It feels like it fills the need of being with my friends and having fun with others.” With the different ways people can get in the pool, there are a variety of ways to sign up. If people want to join the swim/dive team or water polo team, they have to sign up through the school. But if someone wants to join age group swim, they have to sign up on the Grandville Community Aquatics website.

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