Thomas Gregwer – By: Gary Thorn

 “I have attended this school for four years, but I have been at Grandville since I was in kindergarten. I play football and basketball, but I am more committed to the sport of basketball because it has always been a goal of mine to play at the next level. I have a lot of passions in my life, but one of my most prominent ones would have to be my passion for hitting tricep pumps in the gym. I strive to have the most massive and protruding triceps from my body, and I will stop at nothing to make sure I secure my goal of being swole. I like to spend my free time reading books that I find interesting, and the rest of the time I spend in the gym getting a nice pump in my triceps. I would love to pursue a career in electrical engineering, and I hope that I can further my education at Aquinas. I hope that this paints a pretty good picture of who I am, and hopefully shows who I am beyond the person that most people see me as at school.”

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