Mr. Joel Brezeale – By: Charli Sanchez

“What is the most important piece of advice you have to pass on to someone?” “Look for the positive in all circumstances, despite how bleak they might be…make sure you are always looking and working towards a better outcome, I think that’s really really important. People have bad days and bad things happen because that’s life, but again, it’s how you react to that and then being determined to draw something positive out of it so that you are not pulled into a spiral of negativity.” 

“If you were given 3 months left to live, what would you do, where would you go, who would you tell and what would you say to people?” “Well, I probably wouldnt say too much to anybody, although if I feel like some stuff would need to be said, I guess I would pass on some words of wisdom and certainly there’s people along the way that maybe at some point I’ve hurt so I would give them my apologies…and then I think the other thing I would do, and of course I would have to do it with my sons and my wife, is we’d go on some awesome adventures together.”

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