Caden Peterson – By: Nolan Woodruff

“Do what you have to do, this tattoo on my wrist illustrates the six words I live by and use to take on the goals I set for myself.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this phrase repeated to me by family members that I one day aspire to be.  Whether I’m in the classroom, on the football field or stocking shelves at Family Fare, I look at my wrist for guidance throughout my day.  I also look to people in my life for happiness and relatability, I value those close to me for their individuality and the ability to be comfortable with me.  I live my life always trying to help others and take care of myself, I greatly value my time in the LINKS class as it gives me an opportunity to see others happy around me.  My internal thoughts swallow me as I lay awake at night, pacing scenarios back and forth in my mind overthinking what could happen as a result of these in the future.  I turn to music as a way to counter these thoughts, I find a lot of relatability in the lyrics of late Chicago rapper Juice WRLD, and what anxiety can really do to a person.  It’s these six words that I live by, doing what I have to do in order to benefit myself, others and make a promising future for my life.”

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