Ashton Dobis – By: Andy Gould

“As of right now, my biggest fear is instilling trust within someone I meet, especially within today’s society. As well as what has happened when I previously trusted others. The happiest moment of my life, In recent memory, has to be when I got my first car. I remember the trailer pulling up to my house to unload my BMW, I paid the delivery fee In cash, and off the driver went. One of the saddest moments in my life would have to be moving from the house I grew up In, I truly loved this house. I remember crying when I heard It finally sold and I had to pack my bags, I lived In that house for 14 years up until we sold It. In my short life, by far the most influential person Is my mother. I adore her and I drive and desire to make her business better each and every day, I also want to follow in her footsteps and continue on building her legacy. One hobby that I’m extremely into and passionate about is video games, especially games such as Call of Duty and the Football game, Madden. It’s a great time killer, and sometimes I even make a profit on certain games!¨

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